“Dr. Fern has been absolutely amazing and we are forever grateful for him.”  7/8/2016

“Sue McFadden, you are amazing.  Thank you for always making me feel supported and genuinely cared for.  I feel lucky to have a doctor I can trust and enjoy coming to.  I always feel so comfortable here.  Thank you for being so caring, supportive and helpful.  You’re the best.”  6/27/2016  Please note that Sue McFadden is an ARNP.

“”Dr. Fern has really helped see me through to become healthy!  He’s been patient and trustworthy.  Thank you.”  5/19/2016

I came in very worried and emotionally upset.  Michelle’s (Ultrasound Sonographer) demeanor, care, and attention to me was beyond what I anticipated.  She helped me so much.  Her care makes we want to recommend this office to my friends and colleagues. Again – THANK YOU.” 3/15/2016

“Thank you for the treatment with the new MonaLisaTouch laser.  With the first treatment, I am already seeing an improvement in my issues with vaginal dryness and the related impacts on quality and activities of life.”  3-11-2016

“I saw Dr. Hammil and her team for a recent visit.  The gentleness and kindness made me feel very at ease and comfortable with my visit and treatment.  Thank you!”  3-4-2016

“This was an extremely difficult decision of whether or not to have this procedure done; contemplated for many years. After mu consultation with Dr. Miles,, all my fears were put to rest. Dr. XXX told me he was sending me to the best of the best and that’s exactly what I encountered. Professional, caring, compassionate, informative. I couldn’t have asked for better care. Thank you so much for giving me a second chance of living life to the fullest without the restrictions that I’ve been dealing with for so many years. Sincerely, XX” 4/30/2015

“Thank you for not making me wait! Thank you for your kindness and good care! Thank you for the cloth gown!” 10-14-2014

“ I have always received exceptional care at NW-OBGYN. Staff have always been helpful, diligent, and compassionate to my needs. Thank you for all you do for women’s health, Dr. Fern and Jodi!!” 12/27/2013

“Dr. Partoll and the staff were wonderful. My surgery went very well. Thanks!” A- 03/14/2013

“Very impressed with all staff and the way tests were expedited! The patient portal is a great service also. Thank you, Sue and all others! You made me feel special.” 7/25/2013

“ I want to thank Sue for all her time and for being so complete and concerned in her assessment. You really look at the whole person! Thank you.” J – 07/17/2013

“ I am so thankful for the care and support I feel here at NW OBGYN!  I’m sure not matter the circumstance of the pregnant patients coming in here they would feel just as welcomed as I did.  Today I came in for my first appointment for my 10th (eighth baby) pregnancy (sixth C-section) and although I felt insecure about my age and circumstance, Dr. Hiss greeted warmly in the lobby and Teresa was so supportive.  My insecurities about this pregnancy were wiped away by their hospitality to me and baby.  Thank you!”  5-17-2011

“This office is the best OB-GYN office I have been to.  The staff are professional, consistent and kind.  I have received excellent care here and I’m very grateful and pleased.  Thank you.”  5/4/2011

“Northwest OB-GYN has been such a wonderful experience for myself and my family.  This is my 3rd and last pregnancy experience with you guys, sad to say.  …Sharon Bradley (now retired) and Shelley Northern have to be the best midwives this side of Washington State.  …We are all privileged to have such wonderful doctors.  Thank you for the wonderful experience.  I would highly recommend your office to anyone. Thank you!” (Not dated)

“I have been coming here since Jan 2011 and every visit has been absolutely wonderful.  Dr. Miles and her assistant Kala are the best.”  5/18/2011

“Michelle is excellent.  I had the best experience with her and all the medical group people here are the best, so nice and really friendly.  I love you guys.  Doctor Jeff Hilton in my # 1 doctor and I love him. “       5-17-2011.

“Dr. Fern is the most wonderful Dr. I have ever been to see.  I am thankful everyday for the service(s) he and this hospital provide. Thank you.”  5-19-2011

“Marla Terry ultrasound tech was very personable, proficient & professional.  A great member of your team.  Appreciate your work, Thanks Marla.”

“Shelley and Bev are some of the most amazing practitioners I’ve ever experienced.  Thank you OB-GYN.”

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